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Spring Cleaning Uncheck List: What Not to Clean

With all the talk about what you should clean when Spring Cleaning, we though creating a list of things to mark off that cleaning list would help free up some time to enjoy Spring.

With that in mind, here are some things you can eliminate from your to-do-list list this season.

1. Don’t wash your walls. Unless you’ve got heavy smokers, no one will notice the effort. When Phoenix Commercial Cleaning deep cleans, we focus on baseboards. This is where dust will settle and can brighten up a room when cleaned throughout the year.

2. Don’t steam clean your carpets. Using soaps or harsh chemicals can do more to damage your carpets and often promote dirt build-up making them look dirtier quicker. Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner that doesn’t use soap to clean your carpets.

3. Don’t launder anything that hasn’t been used recently. If something has that musty smell from storage, often letting it air out or spritzing with a fabric freshener and a quick tumble in the dryer will freshen it up. Unnecessary washing will only shorten the life of tablecloths and linens.

4. Don’t clean things that should be donated or thrown away. My sister will evaluate items every six months. If she’s hasn’t used it, she will sell it, donate it or toss it. If you sell it, you could hire Phoenix Commercial Cleaning to finish cleaning and skip Spring cleaning altogether.

5. Don’t Spring Clean. If you’re cleaning regularly, wearing yourself out in the spring is really not necessary. A better option is to focus on a single task when you do your normal cleanings. This way Spring Cleaning doesn’t become a daunting chore.

If cleaning has become a chore, consider hiring a professional cleaning company that can help. Phoenix Commercial Cleaning is Atlanta’s Clean Team for all your cleaning needs.

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