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Quick Cleaning Tips

People are always asking if there’s any cleaning tips that can help brighten up their home or office. The Phoenix Commercial Cleaning Deep Cleaning Package takes care of most of these issues. But for those DYI’ers who, like us, just LOVE to clean, here are some quick tips you can try.

1. Get tile floors looking like new again

Once you’ve vacuumed up the floor, all you need is a bucket of water, some light detergent and a rag. Then start scrubbing! Make sure to frequently clean the rag and water to make sure you aren’t just pushing more dirt around on the floor.

If you really want to get the tough spots out, try using a toothbrush! Seriously, it will change your life.

2. Baseboards

If it’s been a while, use a broom or dry rag to sweep off the dust, and then vacuum the area. Use a wet cloth or sock to remove any remaining dust or dirt.

To clean the baseboards, all you need is a sponge (or soft toothbrush) and a bucket of water with a small amount of dish detergent. Once you’ve done the washing part, then use a damp rag to remove any leftover soap residue.

3. Air vents

If you haven’t checked in a while, your air vents are probably pretty dirty and dusty. Not only does that send dust into the room, but it also blocks the air from getting out.

Easy fix: first try to remove dust with a soft vacuum brush tool. If that doesn’t get the job done, then soak a rag with any cleaning agent you have and wrap it around a butter knife to clean the air vents!

4. Dryer sheets

Even after they’ve been used, dryer sheets can work magic around your house!

Here are some great uses:

  • Buff water spots from mirrors, bathroom/kitchen fixtures and shower doors

  • Remove the ring inside the toilet

  • Wipe baseboards clean

5. Cleaning the blinds

These are also probably pretty dirty if you haven’t cleaned them in a while, so here’s an easy solution. Combine equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl and get a sock to put over your hand. Dip the sock in the solution and then run it over each slat of the blinds to remove any dirt or dust!

Article reposted from: author: Alex Thomas Sadler

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