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Beware of Cross Contamination

Phoenix Commercial cleaning was recently asked to submit a cleaning proposal for a medical facility. The property manager was very concerned about cross contamination issues witnessed with their current cleaning service and wanted to know what precautions we used.

Here are some quick tips we use to ensure that cross contamination doesn’t happen when we clean:

Use Microfiber tools: Microfiber cloths, mops and dusters are made from synthetic materials that are specially designed to attract up to 99% dirt, bacteria and other pathogens. Other types of fabric like cotton tend to just spread contaminates from surface to surface.

Color-coding system: The real threat for cross contamination happens when cleaning tools are used and reused in different areas cleaned. The implementation of color-coded areas will help prevent the spread of dirt and bacteria. Example: only use yellow cloths in bathrooms and red cloths in kitchens.

Change is good: Be sure to change cleaning tools regularly as you complete tasks. Never reuse a bathroom cloth to clean an additional bathroom. The same holds true for mop and dusters.

From the top down: Start your cleaning projects from the top and work your way to counters, doing the floors last. This will help keep contaminates from falling onto previously cleaned surfaces. Don’t overlook heavily used surfaces like knobs, handles and appliances. Disinfectants work best to eliminate contaminates, but be sure to allow them 5-10 minutes on surfaces before wiping away.

Creating a cleaning plan that can be repeated throughout the entire process will ensure that areas are safe from cross contamination. Be sure to discuss it with your cleaning team ensuring everyone follows the same system.

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