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What should you expect from your cleaning company? 


  • Sparkling kitchen counters and appliances

  • Dust-free surfaces in every room

  • Clean and sanitized bathrooms

  • Spotless windows and doors

  • Mopped and vacuumed floors

  • Flexible cleaning options

  • Special tiered pricing packages

  • A company that cares about you    

It’s time to give your home the love and attention it deserves!
Why Change To Phoenix Residential Cleaning Service?
  • A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • Bonded and insured
  • Daily/Weekly/Bi-monthly cleaning Options
  • No contract agreement
  • Thoroughly vetted employees
  • Trusted by your Neighbor. Loved by their home.

Need to see our Certificate Of Insurance? Download it here.

Need to see our Surety Bond? Download it here.

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