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Clean-up Your Vacation Property Rental Reviews

According the Airbnb, Cleanliness is the biggest complaint in the review.

Guests will expect the clean and tidy space they see in your listing photos. Make sure you give yourself enough time to clean between guests, especially when you have back-to-back bookings. Most check-outs and check-in windows can be as tight as 3 hours. If you want to maximize the number of rental days each month, you need to be willing to respond quickly to turn-around times. Phoenix Commercial Cleaning has the responsiveness to clean your rental property.

At the end of their stay, Guests will have the opportunity to rate the cleanliness of your space, and the average of your ratings will appear on your listing page. If you consistently receive low cleanliness ratings, you may be subject to penalties.


  • We clean every room your guests can access, especially bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen

  • We thoroughly check that there’s no hair, dust, or mold on surfaces and floors

  • Wash and provide fresh linens/sheets and towels for guests

  • Clear trash, food, and leftover items from previous guests

  • Preform cleanings with your booking schedule


  • You don’t have to space out your bookings to give yourself more time to prep between guests. Phoenix can handle 3-hour booking windows

  • If you’re hesitant to use a cleaning service because of the additional costs, charge a cleaning fee and let a professional cleaning service take care everything

  • Phoenix can provide restocking supplies, but don’t forget to leave cleaning supplies in your space so your guests can take care of spills and accidental messes during their stay

Phoenix Commercial cleaning knows that each vacation rental property is as unique as its host, with different needs and expectations. We provide free custom quotes based on the size and location of your property, the tasks included, and the number of guests, so please call visit our website for your personalized estimate. ​

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